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Want To Convert Up To 40% of Your Website Visitors Into Retargeting Leads And Sales Without Spending Any More Money On Ads?

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Did you know that on average, 97% of your website visitors won't identify themselves while on your website?

They won't fill out a contact form, opt into your list, or buy your product or service on their first visit. 

Reasons why can range from design and layout issues to not having a call to action. 

What if there was a way to bring back up to 40% of your website visitors and send those leads straight to your autoresponder or CRM in real-time Where you could follow up with them to generate new leads and sales…And without paying for any new paid advertising or SEO?

Well, there is...

It's called retargeting using Identity Resolution...

Identity resolution is the process of matching identifiers across devices and touchpoints to a single profile. 

Here are all of the components that make up Identity Resolution

1. Big Data

2. Device ID's

3. User Profiles

4. Identity Graph

5. Identity Resolution Software


1. ID pixel code is installed on your website.


2. Your prospect visits your website.

3. Your prospect’s ID  search occurs inside the ID graph. 

4. If a match is found your prospect is sent to your CRM in real-time.

Here's what you get with Identity Resolution Retargeting that you don’t get with 3rd Party Cookie Retargeting.

First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Postal Address

Phone Number 

And more...

You can follow up with 40% of your past website visitors each month…

No retargeting ads to create…

No retargeting ad costs…

You own your retargeting data...Not FB or Google …

Takes less than 10 minutes to install…

Start seeing results within 24-48 hours…

What is the real cost of your website visitors never returning to your website each month? 

Let’s do a quick calculation using the Reclaim Leads pixel on your website using the 100 visitors per day example. 

From this, only 3 people buy your product or service each day. 

That means over a 30-day period, 3,000 people visited your website.

With our pixel on your website, you could bring back 40% of those 2,910 lost leads each month. 

40% of 2,910 gives you 1,164 visitors you can follow up with.

If you convert just 3% of 1,164 to a sale, that will bring in 35 new sales.

35 new sales X the ($$ price of your product) = the cost of not retargeting. 




Just follow the 3 steps below to start sending visitors from your website to your autoresponder...

 Step #1 - Create your account.

Step #2 - Create and install the pixel on your website.

Step #3 - Setup your CRM or autoresponder to receive leads. 



100 Contacts

 Free for the first 30-days, then $99 billed  every month for 100 contacts

250 Contacts

 Free for the first 30-days, then $199 billed  every month for 250 contacts

500 Contacts

 Free for the first 30-days, then $375 billed  every month for 500 contacts

750 Contacts

 Free for the first 30-days, then $525 billed  every month for 750 contacts

1,000 Contacts

 Free for the first 30-days, then $650 billed  every month for 1,000 contacts


How does Reclaim Leads Work?

We use deterministic (cookie-based identification) probabilistic data providers (IP and fingerprint technologies) to match your website visitors. Based on the identification signals of anonymous web site visitors, this site visit data is then converted to verified name, mailing address and email, leveraging additional data partners and verification providers.

What data do I get?

You can set your campaign to always receive the name, mailing address and email address of identified web site visitors, or you can prioritize email or name and mailing address. More information can be captured for an additional fee.

What should I send to these new email addresses?

We recommend re-introducing your recent website visitors to your brand through a welcome series and including your best performing offers to help with conversion.

Is this like web retargeting? Can I use it to replace my web retargeting?

Yes, Reclaim Leads is a more effective form of retargeting. Instead of retargeting with ads like Google and Facebook do (where you pay for every ad click), Reclaim Leads provides you with an email address (which you pay for once) and you can follow up with this contact as much as you want.

Is my data shared with anyone?

No. Under no circumstances will your site visitor information be shared with anyone else. The site visit data collected is for your exclusive use.

How do privacy laws work? 

Since Reclaim Leads only operates in the US, international privacy laws such as GDPR and CASL do not apply.  From a US perspective, states are beginning to enact state-level privacy laws, such as California’s CCPA. But these restrictions have been centered around notification of data collection and usage and the ability for users to opt out and/or purge data collected. 

Because no personally identifiable information (PII) is being passed, use of the service does not require any additional steps to be taken outside of the ones that you likely already have in place to comply with these laws.

However, your privacy policies should be reviewed to ensure proper disclosure of the use of third-party data collection services as outlined in Section 1.3 of our Terms of Service.

What CRM and marketing automation platforms does Reclaim Leads integrate with?

Reclaim Leads integrates with most CRM and marketing automation platforms so you can immediately add new leads to your workflows. 

How does the 30-day free trial work?

You can try the system for 30 days or 100 leads. If you reach 100 leads before the end of your trial your campaign(s) will be paused until the end of your trial. After the end of your 30-day trial you have the option to move to the paid plan or cancel your subscription. 

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Reclaim Leads can help you understand why people leave your website and never return and how to use retargeting to retain money. Their services involve helping you create an effective plan to retarget leads and maximize profits. By leveraging the Reclaim Leads platform, you will gain valuable insights into how to retain qualified leads and turn them into customers, thereby increasing your profits.

Brian Hill - Boss Mobility Life Coach Services

I’m so glad I connected with Maurice! As a website designer, I could see I was getting a lot of traffic to my website but it was hard to get conversions. After using Reclaim Leads I’m able to actually see the names, emails, and addresses of the people who are visiting my website! Now I’m able to follow-up with them through an email campaign to get conversions.

Arba Cooper - Digital Technologist