Refund Policy

Fees, Refunds, Account Suspensions, Cancellations

You agree to the following:

• reserves the right to change fees at any time by posting the updated fee structure to our Website and/or sending you a notification via email.

• provides to all clients/users a 30-day free trial to test the service and evaluate the validity of the data without accepting your credit card. This 30-day trial period is designed to help you make see if the system will work for your business prior to purchasing one of our plans. 

• Should a use violate any terms of this Agreement, we reserve the right to cancel accounts or restrict access to accounts without refund.

• If we are unable to process your credit card, we will attempt to contact you via mail and will suspend account usage until payment can be processed.

• We do not provide refunds to any account that is suspended or terminated for compliance reasons.

• If an account is not self-cancelled via the interface, any account cancellation requests MUST be sent to support[at] in order to be processed. Voice mails are NOT valid account cancellation requests. If you do not submit your cancellation request to us in writing, we are not obligated to provide a refund to you for prior unused time.

• All plans are monthly payments; these charges persist regardless of whether or not your script is on or off or if you are actively collecting contacts

• Monthly plans include overage fees. If you opt to enable overages, you will periodically be billed for said overages once you reach a specific dollar amount in overages, not to exceed 1 overage charge per day

• In order to stop monthly payments, an account MUST be canceled via the interface

• All refunds are at our sole discretion

• If a request for refund is made, our billing team will review each request on a case-by-case basis, within 30 days.

• Refunds are not provided for non-use. That means if you pay for, but do not log in, turn off your script, or do not collect contacts for any period of time, you are not guaranteed a refund.

• In the event that you do qualify for a refund, the maximum amount for unused time, at our sole discretion, is 3 months.